Rock Star Theme Party decor ideas in Pakistan (3)

Rock Star Theme Party decoration ideas in Pakistan

Throwing an incredible Rock Star Theme Party decor at your home ? Want to be a mini concert at your home with rocking performance of your young star. come and see our perfect match for Rock Star Birthday Party planning and decoration tips in Pakistan.

Starting from the VIP guests pass / tickets as rock star theme party invitations. Enchanted glitter backdrop with life size cutout of your kids name. Flashing dance floor and disco lights etc. Hang strings of stars and balloons in the trussing over the floor. Make a large sign for the front door that says “Party Like Rock Star“.

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Instead of making an ordinary party table this time we presents you complete rock star concert stage and dance floor. Dessert table and party favor table would be manage from the both side of the dance floor.

Rock Star Theme Party decoration:

Main element of your backdrop would be glitter silver, black or red fabric. Silver glitter fabric made your party more attractive while effective disco lights throw on them. Different size of disc tape hanging and pasting with backdrop. Big and small stars with golden glitter and disco background effect. Never the less the creative element in backdrop was the customized birthday boy name cutout with same disco effect font style. Gold and Red plates, cups, napkins and goody bags work well with the Rock Star theme. Hang multiple strings of silver, gold and red tulle / balloons.

Low-Priced, Start-to-Finish Rock Star Party Decorations ideas

Dance floor is the common element on dance parties in Pakistan. That’s why Tulips Creative team inspired from the real rock star shows, made eye catching dance floor with rocking pattern graphics on that. Attached an attractive ramp / walkway with same graphics theme. Red carpet style dividing polls from the both side of ramp. Set up trussing over the dance floor with a big disco ball, strobe lights and/or a fog machine to set the perfect feel of a rock concert.

Hang blow up guitars (these can be used as party favors after the party).

Rock Star Theme Party Supplies

Nail your party with out customized and astonishing themed party supplies in Pakistan. ready made backdrops, cups, plates, goody bags, invitations and more. Table napkins and centerpieces, wearable favors that creative a complete rock themed party at an affordable price at all. If you want to make this party heavy metal, pop star, or any genre of music you like. We’ll deliver you supplies accordingly with crossbones, electric guitars, wings, crown and peace sign etc.

Even a Retro 50’s Rock and Roll themed party design with vinyl record albums, posters, jukeboxes, turntable, checkered patterns. Same as you can make your party a 80s party theme. So dress up your guests with in punk party wigs, sunglasses, microphones, and inflatable guitar party favors.

Make Live show performance Pop Star Themed Party

Lets convert your party into live show with adding some entertaining dance performances and live singing performances. Invites your guests to show up their inner talent at the party in-front of little crowd. Either its rock singing, pop songs or Michael Jackson dance songs, everyone love and involved to do their bests.

Rock Star Theme Party decor ideas in Pakistan (3)

So dress up your self for the rocking party with some glitter shirts and black pants. You can also dress up like your ideal star Michael Jackson, Madonna, Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, Nirvana, Rolling stones etc.

Rock Star Theme Party Printable

As you know that party printable is the common element to make perfect themed parties in Pakistan. Like cupcake cake toppers which gives an attraction to the cupcake with customized toppers. That topper contains your baby name with some guitar and star signs. Never the less water bottle label but this time you can put labels on some energy drinks or color drinks bottles to coolest effect at your rock star party. Same as welcome party banner, entrance rock star party poster design gives you guests wow.

Raahim The Rock Star Birthday Party Poster in Pakistan

Rock Star Party Games

Dance Contest
Have a dance off or dance contest for the audience while several of the kids take turns being the Rock Star, band and dance with party like rock star. 


Rock Star Party Food Ideas

  • Make a stall with Chocolate Fountain with strawberries, pretzels, marshmallows, etc.
  • Some energy drinks with champagne glasses
  • Cut star shapes out of cookies, brownies, sandwiches.
  • Colorful drinks in colorful drink jars with colored strips.
  • Microphone style cake pops, fruits cut shapes.

Rock Star Party Favor Ideas

Rock Star Theme Party decor ideas in Pakistan (1)
  • Inflatable guitars
  • Glitter makeup
  • Sunglasses
  • Feather Boas
  • Plastic Microphones
  • Pop Rocks
  • Rock Candy
  • Guitar picks necklaces
  • Rock Star Energy Drink
  • Chunky Chains

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