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How to plan Unique Baby Boy 1st Birthday Photoshoot ideas

Explore How to plan Unique Baby Boy 1st Birthday Photoshoot ideas around the globe with funny cake smash activity with your little one.

Boy 1st Birthday Photoshoot Ideas

Nearly every parent wants something extraordinary for boys 1 year photos of their little one. We can understand why people love their kids 1st-year pictures. Because they’re cute and lovely and also help capture their bright personality with childhood memories. As your child grows, you can look back on their moments as a baby and remember all of the sweet times you had together.

If you too want to plan really special on your baby’s first birthday party in Pakistan. Then do pre-birthday photoshoot or 1st birthday photoshoot are very good ideas. You’ll be amazed to see the ideas that make your child special day memorable.

This entire video is created from a cute baby boy 1st birthday with cake smash activity around the globe. Themed backdrops to the themed cake to the dress everything based on themed pre-birthday photoshoot in the world.

We will help you on how to DIY birthday photoshoot at home on BUDGET. Following few important questions you might have in your mind for this.

  • How to decide the birthday party theme?
  • What Props to use theme decorations?
  • Where to buy decorations?
  • How to hire a good birthday decoration team in Pakistan.
  • Set up of Backdrop of collection of kids photos
  • How to setup lighting & Camera
  • How to hire pre-birthday photographers
  • Hire a professional baby shoot photographer
  • Lastly how to create such cute video by YOURSELF!

Remember! Your baby’s first birthday is once in a lifetime event and only a Parent can make this day super special.

This article contains First birthday picture ideas to inspire your next baby’s birthday photoshoot at home, backyard, hotel, or sea. Explore Trendy Baby cake smash Pictures Boy First Birthday Photos 1st Birthday Pictures, Baby 1st birthday dress, First birthday photoshoot for one-year-old toddler boy baby. creative photo session ideas with kids and parents.

Find the most Cutest Outfits Ideas for Baby Boys 1st Birthday Party in Pakistan. The First Birthday Dress for Boy. Every parent wants their baby’s first birthday to be one of the most special that’s why we giving you this detailed pre-birthday photoshoot guideline. You’ll find everything related to your baby’s 1st birthday party planning to the arrangements.

How you choose the best theme for your kids 1st birthday party?

To make your kids photos extra meaningful, choose an idea that matches your little one’s personality. That will be the best way to find your child fav things on his special day. An adorable theme decorations might be their style or maybe an outdoor photoshoot is more perfect for photography.

Heres Top 50 best boy 1st birthday theme backdrop photo session ideas in the world.

Love the Monsters

When your little one wants to be a monster, even already doing monster things at home or with mommy. This 1st birthday theme is perfect for him along with funny cake smash activity of his fav monsters inc. character.

Bright yourself

When your kid likes the bright colors especially for its wearing kits and outfit for 1st birthday photoshoot. This cyan, green and yellow colors give him extra power to celebrate his birthday in his own way.

Wana be Former

If your little boy loves the old Mcdonald cartoons and wants to be a farmer. Then this outdoor farmer theme decoration is perfect for him along with lovely bear cake smashing things.

Chair with Balloons

one of the most perfect style for a pre-birthday photoshoot and 1st birthday photoshoot set up around the world. The perfect color combinations for baby boys are blue and white. Your cute little baby boy looking gorgeous into this outfit.

Farm Lover

For the kids who love farm things, hen, caw, milky goats etc. Old Macdonald must be their fav cartoon must choose this theme for their lovely 1st birthday photography.

Animal lover

When you cutie loves animals like lion, monkey, giraffe. You must take this jungle animal 1st birthday theme this will help you to take shoot while cake smash activity photography session.

Bear and Balloons

Love the bear and balloons with ONE character always perfect 1st birthday photo props. All times fav color blue and white gives you extravaganza shine in baby boy pictures.

Royal Ambitions

Image Credits: Erika Rosales

When you feel your little one is the prince of your family. Must take these light colors royal celebrations theme for his first birthday party decorations and photoshoot session.

I m Mickey Mouse

Mickey mouse lovers kids ready to have their desire come true. On your kids special day give him a little compliment with his fav toy Mickey Mouse and get amazing impressions for his 1st birthday photographs.

King Micky Mouse

Image Credits: Erika Rosales

Either you love king mickey mouse and your daddy wants you to become a prince. This theme is perfect for baby boy who loves Mickey and daddy love royal prince blue and golden things.

Become a SuperHero

When your boy wants to be a superhero and help the world. Take this building oriented backdrop with perfect cake smashing session.

Angry Birds Fever

When you love to play angry birds game at your daddy’s cell phone daily. You must take this angry birds gaming 1st birthday party theme for him and give him a surprise.

Love Fishing Sea

Love the summer love fishing and surfing water makes you crazy to get this theme. because of its bright and vibrant color scheme everyone love to take pictures of your toddler.

Nothing but colors

When your toddler loves the red color but you want his 1st birthday in blue. This theme decoration solve all your color problem of taking pictures and combinations of his 1st birthday outfit.

Love my toys

When your kid loves his toys and not leave his fav toy all the time. Then you can make his fav toy decor with balloons and ONE character. This will help the photographer to take his pictures in his relaxed mode.

Simple is good

If you are busy mom or dad and not having much time to get the perfect theme. Sometimes it goes with plain colors but in a very arranged way to feel perfection in photography.

Cloudy Things

Feeling like in the clouds means your cute toddler love the clouds and balloons in the air. Take this theme for giving him a surprise and get a perfect click for his pre-birthday photoshoot in Pakistan.

I m Joker

loving the circus things while your daddy let you visit in the carnival. Your little one must be inspired by the circus things everywhere in the world.

Nothing but Yellow

Dots are the most beautiful things in design. sometimes your kids love dots and circles so why not make his 1st birthday with some dotted cake and love toddler outfit.

Character lover

Simply the best way to having a perfect click for your loved one. Give him the first characters to get amazing outdoor birthday photoshoot for him.


When your kids want to become BOSS at home and overcome all things he wants. You must take this BOSS BABY 1st birthday theme setup to compliment him about his desires.

Love Circus Animals

Love the carnival animals and red strips at your outfit. This red and white carnival pattern makes your kids 1st birthday photoshoot not only amazing but memorable.

King The One

Image Credits: Erika Rosales

Amazing king themed backdrop along with special milestone chart with his achievements over the year. blue and gold are the perfect choice for this theme photography props.

Tiger comes

Love the tiger for your fav toy and take stuff tiger with you always. This tiger and leopard themed pre-birthday give him surprise to show his inner ambitions.

BOSS BABY Cake Smash  

Daddy’s little big boss at his funniest act photoshoot photographs. This BOSS baby theme all-time fun with kids and parents. Photographers also love to capture sweet cake smash click at their bests.

My lovely Ducks

Ducks are really cute elements for all the time and your little cute one loves to bring his fav toy on his1st birthday. A big bathtub and few ducks make your baby’s 1st birthday very attractive to him and capture good pictures of him.

Love my Farmhouse

My farm my way! it’s being a little farmer boy. Love the red farmhouse behind the baby as backdrop. Animals with they bails are looking very vintage look and feel.

Please don’t go

A picture when your mom say I m going if you do not give attention to me while taking pictures. These moments after really fun for a photographer to take such natural photos of your kids.

Construct my life

When papa is civil engineers then son must get inspirations from his environment. Always watching yellow and black ribbon around papa’s work stations. Crain and construction things nevertheless yellow engineers’ safety cap.

Do not disturb

When you watching your baby mss up with cake and smash it in his own way. These moments are really fantastic for photographers for take memorable moments in his shoot.

Winnie the Pooh and friends

When you want your fav toys always around you then give your child all his fav toys with the same theme decoration. This decoration approach attract him to get attention on the things. You get a perfect click on these moments when your baby feels relax with his loved toys.

Little Dreamer

Love the moon and stars giving very fortune ambitions to your little toddler. So why not giving him a surprise twinkle twinkle little star cake smash moments.

Hunter or guide

Love to become a hunter and jungle guide in his life. must see all amazing stuffed animals around him while taking pictures and cake smashing activity.

Love Daddy vintage Cars

While drive with your papa’s favorite vintage car then you must get inspirations to become like papa. few vintage car elements give him shout and cake smash in pretty perfect.

Where my animals

Always fun to have animals around him. a good outfit and outdoor environment giving the best photographs for your little one 1st birthday photoshoot in Pakistan.

I m ship rider

Sea and Ships always fun for kids and some kids inspired very deeply with that. So why not give him sea anchor theme birthday party decoration on completing his first beautiful year.

Ooh my Clubhouse

My clubhouse with Mickey, Minnie, Donald Duck, and all mickey mouse friends around me. I also want to become a clever mickey mouse to wearing cute mickey mouse costume.

Super 1st Birthday

My super imaginations for 1st birthday party are very attractive. Building backdrop some balloons and few paper balls. That’s it

Love Bubbles

Not forget tp wear our forefathers outfit at his 1st birthday. Outdoor enchantment with floating bubbles, green natural environment at all.

Professor reading

studying is a good thing but when you love it becomes a passion for the future. See if you toddler-like books on the shelf in drawing room or at the paps’ study table. You must have this vintage decoration ideas.

Sea Ships and me

dreaming about traveling on the sea along with ships and seaplanes. Must got this theme because of its fresh and bright color decoration 1st birthday party decoration backdrop. The photo props are more interesting with respect to the perfect toddler photoshoot ideas.

I m Superman

When you want to live with all superhero family and friends around you. becomes Superman and get baby cake smash beautiful pictures all the times.

Happy birthday to me

Simply the plain waves birthday cake but very calm and unique birthday decorations. These moments would definitely the best moments for the photography sessions for little toddlers.

Baby Shark doo doo dooo

Almost every child hears to love this BABY SHARK song and few of them love to have baby shark theme at his first birthday party in Pakistan. Please give him a surprise with baby shark themed cake smash things, anchor over the cake, and lots of baby shark friends life-size cutouts for photo props.

Don’t touch my cake

Worries about the cake and love it to have complete all. love the jungle and its calm environment with few best friends. You can make some paper cut animals at home by watching tutorials over the youtube. These paper-cut animals give him relative environment and photographers must get amazing clicks.

Around the world

Watch the world around you is deep personality things. Get this simple but adorable theme pre-birthday decoration setup along with ONE character standing near him. Each pose will be the master piece in the sleek setup decorations.

Blue sparks cake smash

Simply blue with baby blue which is the most constant color for a boys birthday party. Few paper balls a tie not and ONE standing characters that’s it.

I will blast everything

For all crazy and monster kids who would love to do blasts every time at home. Watching superheroes cartoon on TV few kids want to become superhero at their homes. So give him the chance to make the world on his own way and get your memorable click and posses.

Where is my Cars

Plain blanket and few pillows with white cages are simply the best for an outdoor st birthday photography session in Pakistan. Some bets pictures string over the year hanging behind as backdrop will be the perfect source for best pictures.

Cute Lil Spiderman outfit

Mess with cake and mess with your outfit always funny moments with baby boys. Sometimes looking gorgeous in picture memories while doing such actions.

Bring out your 1 year old’s personality with a stylish superhero outfit. For a seamless look, make sure the decorations complement the rest of the outfit.

Capturing your 1 year old’s personality is a special, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Make it meaningful by choosing an idea that matches their style. Share your photographs as gifts by framing them or designing a personalized gift.

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