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How to plan twins babies themed birthday Creative Twins Party Ideas

Planning a birthday party for your twins is something more fun and entertaining. There are a number of attractive ideas and their friends will definitely love it. Here are some of our favorite ideas. Themes for twin birthdays can be funny, artistic, educational or just fantasy based for your little munchies. The creativity in designing and analysing the process of scheming these celebrations is the perfect part. Don’t forget the cute Happy Birthday Twins placard to display in accordance with your theme.


Baby Shark Theme Party for Twins

Winter Wonderworld / onderworld Party

Dave & AVA Theme Birthday Party

Cowboy and Cowgirl Twins Birthday Party

Royal Prince and Princess Twins Party Theme

This theme is best for twin girls. In order to make it swoon-worthy, a tea party theme has all the right things. It is also good because it can be customized for pre-teens, as a classically themed celebration. You can add easy peanut butter fudge as a delicious snack in your tea menu. For the older, from 11 to 30 years of age, we will suggest a visit to nail and hair salon before their tea. It will add a charm to their party.


The easiest and the economical to pull off are the fiesta parties. Just arrange a piñata, some eye-catching decorations and a box of tasty chips and you’re done!


A two can party? Get it? It is a jungle themed party, it may sound dowdy but it’s really mesmerizing for little babes. Moreover, as a mother of two little twins, it is easy and convenient to put up animal and jungle decorations.


if you have a pool at your place, then it is one of the easiest forms of themed twin birthday parties.

Ingredients needed:

  • A pool,
  • Lifeguards,
  • Sunscreen,
  • Pizza

Being a workaholic and also to get the best amusement, provide some game stuff. But do remember that kids never need a set of instructions and rules to enjoy, especially when in the pool! And this is the major reason why double dip pool parties are all time parents’ favorite.


  • You can make a single party special for both the kids by:
  • Using two separate colors of their choice in the theme,
  • Trying to order two separate cakes (one only when they don’t really give a damn about it),
  • Singing the Happy Birthday song twice,
  • Including the favorite desserts of both the twins; you don’t need to arrange two separate tables,
  • Decorating two locations separately for each one of them

Let the invitation card reflect that the birthday is of both the twins, (not just mentioning more than one names). You can also make use of double-sided invites. To finalize each setting, and to check every single thing at the last moment, ask any helper like grandma or aunt to dress up your children.


In a busy life, one really needs to take care of time. You can host one party for both the twins but don’t forget to choose the themes that are appropriate for both of them. For example, think about fairies and mermaids for a pair of girls, superman theme for boys but do consider neutral themes like pirates and sea creatures, unicorns when arranging a boy and a girl party. You can also make use of complementary themes.

One more reason to consciously select the ideas is when your twins get older; they differ in their interests as well as their friend circle. You will have to put in greater artistic abilities while arranging a joint single party. But, consider a suggestion. It might be sensitive to arrange a single party as much as you involve and value each one of the twins. But would it be reasonable for the joint friends to attend both the parties?

Party Invitations

Invitations are often confusing. You may find a combination of individual and multiple invitations as your twins or triplets may have many individual and common friends.

Invite the guests a few weeks in advance. Some families are comfortable to drop off their child at the party, but others may not. So remember to mention the names of their parents too, in order to eliminate awkwardness. It may come out to be difficult to control, but don’t panic. Count their parents when arranging the party bags and food items. The plus point of having parents at your pace is that you will have a helping hand.

Multiple Considerations

Pay the price of one, and get two or three done. Birthdays are one of the events parents can think of getting a break from their multiple twins. If you are planning to arrange one event instead of two or three, it is obviously easier to organize as well as economical than arranging two separate parties. But be prepared to face a havoc of guests as combine celebrations mean more people.

For older twins, discuss the amusement and fun of shared birthday parties with your children. Tell them they can enjoy more when a combined celebration is arranged. If they still refuse, respect their individuality.

Birthday Themes – a party with a proper theme is often more enjoyed. But this can become quite challenging when planning a party for two or more kids. As long as the children are comfortable, it doesn’t matter if their fiesta is coordinated. Some twin-themed Party Tableware and Decorations may make their day extra special.

Birthday Cakes – have you arranged a separate cake for each child?  As the multiples get old enough to make choices, let them take the decision of cakes. For younger twins, fondant cakes are a better option. Following are some great ideas,

For 1st Birthday, make a Helter Skelter with sugar-craft models of your twins coming down the slide.

For the 2nd Birthday, go for a fairy castle themed birthday and cake with two princesses made on them. These models can be dressed up as Snow White and Sleeping Beauty.

Twins can be very demanding sometimes.

Remember to sing the Birthday Song for each child and also to lit the candles of their age number.

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